BP Machinery s.r.o.

Czech Republic
Tel.: + 420 602 173 105
Tel.: + 420 777 142 337

Development and production
testing equipment

„From initial sketch to final product“

Company BP-Machinery s.r.o was founded at the beginning of the year 2015 by Martin Pecha and Jan Bartoň as natural evolution of long-term cooperation in the development of test equipment.
We managed to create a stable team of employees and a group of reliable subcontractors.
Our long-term goal is to design and manufacture outstanding prototype equipment with a high technological level.
We design and manufacture the equipment completely in our company, from the initial design through the mechanical construction, electrical design, production, programming to the final control of functions and calibration.

Production and development standarts:

2D and 3D drawings in CAD system PTC Creo Parametric

electrical drawings in CAD EPLAN Electric P8

our preffered control system is based on platform Compact RIOb by NI (former National Instrumets) and programmed in LabVIEW programing language. We are skilled in Real-Time and FPGA programming. We can also use PLC by JUMO or Simatic if needed

we are system integrator of NI and have CLD certification

we offer remote acces control to our application as standart solution

export data to all of usual standarts ((csv, tdms, xls, SQL, XML,OPC and other)

knowledge of most of in industry used comunication protocol such as OPC,HART,MODBUS,PROFIBUS, CAN-BUS and other

our design use only verified and longtime relaible components from world-renowned brands such as Emerson, Festo, Schneider, Jumo, Schwer Fittings, Krohne, Schneider, Grundfoss, Alfa Laval, Swep, Siemens, Bitzer, Haberkorn etc.

well-equipped mechanical and electrical workshop

in development of hydraulic machines we cooperate with company PKS servis s.r.o.